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Have you ever wanted to develop a program for your Board, but weren’t quite sure where to start or what resources were available to make your program a success? The NASCLA Resources Committee is here to help! This Toolkit site was developed to provide you with a variety of best practices, outreach and engagement strategies, and sample templates from other states, which you can use to customize your very own programs, policies, and engagement strategies.

The Toolkit is meant to be an evolving portal of information. You are encouraged to upload any supporting information, document templates, policies/procedures, or outreach materials relative to the programs listed, so that all states have the opportunity to learn from one another and build upon each other’s efforts.

To upload a document, please click on one of the links below.

Elderly Abuse Prevention Program

Become proactive in your defense against elder abuse. Unscrupulous contractors target seniorswith high pressured sales tactics, demands for cash payment, and grooming behaviors that can lead to financial fraud.

  • OVERVIEW | Elderly Abuse prevention program
  • How to Identify Elder Abuse
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Partnering

Disaster Response Program

Responding to a disaster can be a chaotic time not only for the public, but for your agency as well. This program serves as a pre- and post- checklist, helping you to organize your response initiatives, communication strategies, partnering capabilities, and notification procedures.

  • OVERVIEW | Disaster Response Program
  • Preparing for a Disaster
  • Education & Information
  • Legal Framework
  • Enforcement
  • Partnering

Business Assistance Program

Licensing applications and requirements can be overwhelming to our customers. View how other state agencies assist their customers in this process.

  • California Contractors State License Board Program
  • Nevada state Contractors Board Program

Understanding the Board's Role in a Legislative Environment

Navigating the legislative session can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the environment. Regardless of the limitations you may face there is something in this program that can benefit your agency.

Public Relations Toolkit

This program serves as a library of resources and templates to help you succeed in all your communication strategies.

  • OVERVIEW | Public Relations Toolkit
  • Library of templates/resources
  • Media relations guidelines

Guide to Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...Oh My! Social Media has become a part of everyday life, but knowing how to integrate it into the professional world can be a challenge.

  • California contractors state license board
  • National Association of state contractors licensing Agencies (NASCLA)



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