President's Message

October 2016 - As a long time NASCLA board member, it is my pleasure to serve as President of this organization. The partnership and teamwork of the contractor licensing agencies, contractor and associate members, and professional construction trade associations is a tremendous asset offered by NASCLA. Even though none of us are identical with our laws and regulations, we have many of the same missions and objectives. One common thread that we all share with contractor licensing is to protect the public from unlicensed contractor fraud and maintain the integrity of the construction industry.

NASCLA and it’s many working committees do so much to enhance and improve our contractor licensing agencies. Sharing our best management practices and creating a toolkit to pick and choose those things that best work for your state. Our committees bring forth excellent information and new initiatives for better communications and enforcement of contractor licensing laws. The NASCLA Accredited Examination Program Committee will soon launch in 2017 three (3) national electrical exams which is very exciting. My goal during my tenure is to keep our staff and committees actively engaged and draw from other talents and expertise to support the initiatives of NASCLA.

Reciprocal agreements for the efficiency and simplification of licensing for contractors that work in many different states is very important to us all. There are so many excellent contractors in this country that created our licensing agencies and support what we do. We should all recognize that any additional or burdensome licensing regulations is the last thing that the construction industry wants to see.

Congratulations to Angie Whitaker, NASCLA Executive Director, and staff for the achievements and work that they do. Working together and developing additional partnerships and synergies with NASCLA will help us do so much more.


Michael B. McDuff
NASCLA President


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