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The association’s constitution lists the nine objectives that form the primary purpose of NASCLA. These objectives are:

  1. To promote the protection of the public health and safety through the licensing of contractors.
  2. To provide a forum for the discussion of problems common to the regulation of the construction industry and to develop solutions.
  3. To assist licensing agencies in developing licensing laws and rules.
  4. To provide a clearinghouse for information concerning court decisions, attorney generals’ opinions and disciplinary procedures.
  5. To provide technical assistance in the development of license classifications systems.
  6. To provide mutual assistance in the standardization of licensing examinations.
  7. To provide consultation on office procedures and administration.
  8. To educate the public as to the benefits of using licensed contractors.
  9. To provide a continuing education program for the construction industry.

23309 North 17th Drive, Building 1, Unit 110, Phoenix, Arizona 85027
Phone: (623) 587-9354 • Email: info@nascla.org