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If you have any questions about testing and PSI site closures, you can find more information on their website here: If you have any further questions for NASCLA you can reach us at (623) 587-9354 or via email at

**The below information DOES NOT pertain to the NASCLA Accredited Electrical Examination Program; please click here for more details.

Follow the steps below to submit your NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors application. Your application will not begin processing until all items have been submitted.You do NOT need to be a NASCLA Member to apply to take the exam.

  1. Submit the application and $25 fee at:
  2. Applications will be processed within 7 business days.
  3. An approval email will come directly from with a link to schedule the exam at one of PSI's locations. To schedule an examination over the phone, please dial (855) 746-8177
  4. You have up to 1 year from your approval date to sit for the exam with a maximum of 3 attempts to pass.
  5. Download PSI's Candidate Information Bulletin here for a list of reference materials you can take into the exam.
  6. Once you pass the test, your electronic transcript will automatically be uploaded to the National Examination Database ( within 48 hours. You can then create an account to submit your pass score to the state you are applying to be licensed in. You will receive a physical copy of your pass score at PSI's testing facility immediately after the exam.

More Information

The NASCLA Accredited Examination Program offers a streamlined test taking option for the trade portion requirement of a Commercial General Building Contractors license.

Candidates who take and pass the NASCLA Accredited Examination can access NASCLA’s National Examination Database (NED) located on to electronically send their transcripts to jurisdictions that accept the examination in lieu of their state specific trade portion. Candidates will still need to submit state agency applications to become licensed. A complete list of accepting state agencies can be found on NASCLA’s website by clicking here.

If the candidate does not meet the exam candidate qualifications, he/she will receive an email indicating any application deficiencies. An application is not considered complete and will not be processed until all items have been submitted, including all required fees.

Candidates will have 1 year from the application approval date to take the exam. There is a maximum limit of 3 times an eligible candidate can sit for the exam within the 1 year period. If the candidate has not passed the exam within these 3 attempts, he/she can reapply to take the exam once their 1 year of eligibility from the application approval date has expired.

Cheating Policy
Candidates who cheat or attempt to cheat on the NASCLA Accredited Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors, or who otherwise breach the Agency’s security policies and procedures, will have their examination scores invalidated, will forfeit all fees, be barred from reapplying to take the examination for a period of 12 months, may be subject to legal action and will be further subject to all examination and fee requirements in place at the time or re-application. If a candidate cheats or attempts to cheat on the Examination which is administered by an entity other than the Agency, the candidate will also need to follow the re-take policy set in place by that entity, with the stricter of the two policies being applicable. Candidates who attempt to steal Examination information could face a range of administrative, civil and criminal charges.
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