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FLORIDA Counties 1st Edition

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FLORIDA-NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Florida Contractors 1st Edition

SKU: 978-1-934234-92-1

*This publication is for the Florida - Palm Beach County Contractor Certification through Prov, Inc.


The NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management  is organized into three sections. 

Part 1 focuses on planning and starting your business.  This section will help you formulate a business plan, choose a business structure, understand licensing and insurance requirements and gain basic management and marketing skills.

Part 2 Covers fundamentals you will need to know in order to operate a successful construction business. This section covers estimating, contract management, scheduling, project management, safety and environmental responsibilities, and building good relationships with employees, subcontractors, and customers.

Part 3 provides valuable information to assist you in running the administrative funtions of your business.  Financial management, tax basics, and lien laws are covered.  Effective management of these areas of business is vital and can cause you serious problems if you do not give them proper attention.


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