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NASCLA Consumer Publications & Information

These reference materials will provide literature and resources for consumers, contractors and regulatory boards on construction licensing.

NASCLA Contractor's State Licensing Information Directory

The purpose of this publication is to identify the state agencies involved in the regulation of construction work and to summarize the qualifications, licensing, examinations and financial responsibility policies of each state.

Additionally, the various types of state licenses issued and the states involved in reciprocity agreements are listed as an aid to users of this directory. The information contained in this publication is a result of surveys of the agencies and reviews of statutes, rules, applications and other documents submitted by the state agencies to the NASCLA Staff.

NASCLA Residential Construction Standards

The purpose of this publication is to provide state and local regulatory authorities with acceptable workmanship standards for residential construction. The NASCLA Residential Construction Standards provide guidelines for regulatory authorities that should be applied only within the scope of the particular project being performed, and are not intended to answer all questions pertaining to workmanship of construction or applicable codes.

NASCLA completed the NASCLA Residential Construction Standards in March 2009.

NASCLA Consumer Guide to Home Improvement Projects

This publication was established to help in the journey of hiring a contractor and engaging in construction projects; whether it is for new construction or a remodeling job.  The information contained herein will be helpful to the consumer, before starting a construction project.

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NASCLA Consumer Information and Brochures

NASCLA has worked diligently with Committees to create consumer awareness literature and state agency resources. The consumer brochures are available to our trade associations and state agencies as resources for local tradeshows, showcase at your office, etc. Contact NASCLA Staff to discuss customizing these brochures with your agency or association's contact information.

View NASCLA's A Consumer's Guide to Home Improvement Contracts Brochure

View NASCLA's A Consumer's Guide to Solar Power for the Home Brochure

View NASCLA's A Consumer's Guide to Protecting Yourself After a Disaster Brochure

View NASCLA's A Consumer's Guide to Hiring a Licensed Contractor Brochure

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NASCLA Model Legislation Documents

The Mission of NASCLA's Model Legislation Committee is to develop and publish model legislation, accessible in whole or in part, for the creation and operation of agencies or boards throughout the several states whose purpose is the regulation of residential and commercial construction, and, by offering language addressing multiple options for each area of the legislation, to enable the states to draft legislation specific to their needs.

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NASCLA Model Legislation for Residential Construction Licensing
NASCLA Model Legislation for Commercial Construction Licensing
NASCLA Model Legislation for Residential Prelicensure Education Requirements
NASCLA Model Legislation for Specialty Contractors Licensure Model

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