NASCLA Accredited Electrical Examination Program

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The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) has partnered with several industry stakeholders to create one nationally recognized accredited trade examination for electricians. NASCLA will offer (3) different open book electrical trade examinations through the NASCLA Accredited Electrical Examination Program: Electrical Contractors (Master/Unlimited Electricians), Journeyman Electricians and Residential Electrical Contractors (Residential Electricians).

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from around the country came together to work with NASCLA in developing the job analyses for each examination to represent the work performed in jurisdictions throughout the United States. NASCLA conducted national surveys of electricians in each category to aid the SMEs in the creation of each job analysis. The SMEs developed items based on the job analysis and vetted those questions during follow-up meetings. These job analyses, questions, and examinations were developed under the highest national psychometric and electrical standards.

The NASCLA Accredited Electrical Examination Program has been developed to: improve the overall quality and validity of trade licensing examinations in general for electricians; participating states will provide contractor mobility by allowing electricians the opportunity to cross state borders without having to take multiple electrical examinations.

Once a candidate has taken and passed a NASCLA Accredited Examination, their information is stored in the NASCLA National Examination Database (NED). Candidates can electronically send a regulatory agency their transcript through the database to alert the agency that they have passed one or more of the examinations. Regulatory agencies can then pair the transcript with the candidate’s license application.

NASCLA is anticipating that the NASCLA Accredited Electrical Examination Program will launch in summer 2018.

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